Partnering and Collaboration

Through the network of connections that Biztech have established over the years, our voice is heard by visionary leaders in academia, commerce and public service institutions.

As a result we have an influence in shaping the future of resources and infrastructure available to the local technology and innovator community. However we appreciate that the influence we have can only maximised if the value we add to this fast moving sector is in tune with the requirements of those businesses seeking to grow in the Milton Keynes and surrounding area.

For that reason we are willing to combine our influence with resources provided by partners where there is a synergy in our objectives to improving the local market for the benefit of promoting innovation and technology.



The Milton Keynes-based...

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The consortium led by...

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Promoting growth in the Milton Keynes and SEMLEP economy is a shared value...

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Hopkins Architects, the designers behind Harvard University’s new Smith...

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Great Events:

Ensure you are at the centre of important business technology issues arcoss the region. You can present at, sponsor or sit on a panel at one of our regular industry-leading business technology seminars, highlighting key issues faced by companies now and going forward.

  • Member discounts to industry events and conferences
  • Members get first opportunities to speak at events
  • Sponsorship opportunities available to members
  • Networking opportunities with other industry leading members
  • Bespoke and partner presentations for your company

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Excellent Resources:

Ensure stay ahead of the game by using the Bizech directory and resources to educate yourself and your staff about the strength of business technology providers in the region.


Let us do the networking for you. Our Membership Directory collects the details of the highest profile, pioneering professionals currently working in online, so yo don't have to. We also direct all outside enquiries about industry services to this directory.
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