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Biztech Member Profiles

Alex Warner

MK College & South Central Institute of Technology (SCIoT)

Alex Warner is the Principal of Milton Keynes College and South Central Institute of Technology (SCIoT), and a member of the Milton Keynes College Group (MKCG) Executive Leadership Team. Alex has worked in Further and Higher Education for over a decade and, prior to joining MKCG, was Director of Faculty of Technology at Activate Learning, a SCIoT delivery partner. As such, Alex has been involved with the SCIoT project since initial bidding stage and now leads on all aspects of design, development and delivery of the 3-campus-location institute. In addition to the SCIoT role, Alex is Principal of MKC with responsibility for Curriculum Innovation and Pedagogy. He works to deliver MKC Group’s Strategic Objective of ‘Building Fairer Futures’. Specific activity and aims include Drive aspirational, innovative and student-focussed educational experiences; Developing meaningful partnerships to grow our influence and create opportunities; and Deliver the skills needed by employers to aid productivity. The Purpose of the SCIoT is to ‘Inspire Digital Futures’. Furthermore, SCIoT Values are to; Include, Innovate, Connect and Challenge. These are lived through all that Alex, MKCG and the SCIoT do. 

Alex joined the BizTech Board in 2020 and it is the shared purpose, vision and objectives that make it a perfect fit. Alex, MKCG and BizTech aspire to build strong relationships, foster creativity, and deliver mutually beneficial outcomes/ experiences for the betterment of the ecosystems that they operate within.

Sara Penrose & John Henderson

Sara Penrose Optimisation Training

Sara Penrose is a chartered chemical engineer and professional artist, and John Henderson is a fellow of the chartered institute of logistics and transport and a creative writer. They have over 40 years of experience in engineering and logistics and are the brains behind Sara Penrose Optimisation Training. Their 9-stage project process is designed to provide people with advanced training in engineering and logistics in the key skill areas of critical thinking, lateral thinking and problem-solving. Learn more.


Acuigen works in partnership with regional, national and international clients to assist them to facilitate client feedback programmes, gathering essential client opinions to help them achieve their business objectives. Our team includes project architects, data specialists, IT professionals, research professionals and executive interviewers. Learn more.


Open Societal Challenge Competition

Open Societal Challenge Competition

Biztech are delighted to showcase an invitation from the Open University to take part in their Open Societal Challenge Competition The aim is to apply the OU’s research excellence to some of the most pressing societal challenges facing people across the UK and...

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