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BizTech is pleased to welcome new member Sara Penrose onboard!

Sara Penrose Optimisation Training is an innovative training programme for people in the engineering and logistics industries, located in the heart of Northamptonshire and operating across the country. Speaking about their unique training workshops, Sara Penrose explains that, “Optimisation is influenced by machines, systems, chemicals and people. Our aim is to prioritise people and train them in three key optimisation skills of Critical Thinking, Lateral Thinking and Problem Solving.” The programme aims to arm people with these vital insights and skills that can help them to perform highly specialised and specific functions within the logistics and engineering sectors. It is accredited by the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and awards delegates with seven hours of CPD.

Sara Penrose, along with her partner John Henderson have used their collective experience of over forty years to create a nine-stage project process that delegates have to complete during the course of the workshop. “The delegates are given appropriate training at every stage from the definition, through to evaluation. Since the project is meant to be completed through a skilled creative task, delegates get a chance to have a practical, technical, and fun learning experience,” says Sara. Throughout the workshop, delegates practise a continuous cycle of actions to demonstrate the three optimisation skills mentioned above.

When asked what the key takeaways from these training workshops are, Sara mentioned four important ones:

  • Optimisation Report that details where and when the skills were demonstrated.
  • Training Completion Certificate.
  • Optimisation Cycle Model as a reminder of how to implement the skills learnt.
  • Completed Skill-based Creative Task.

One of the biggest USPs of such advanced training programmes is the impact they can have on a business. Increased productivity, improved team interaction and communication and better resilience are some of the most important benefits of optimisation training. Delegates learn and practise questioning, analysing, innovating, solving, and reviewing, developing valuable knowledge and skills in the process.

BizTech is thrilled to have Sara Penrose, and John Henderson join as members. As we believe in providing comprehensive support to enterprises across Milton Keynes, having such influential and experienced members allows us to provide them with the right assistance for establishing and growing their business. On the one hand, while Sara Penrose is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and a Professional Artist, John Henderson, on the other hand, is a Chartered fellow of CILT (Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport) and a Creative Writer. Both bring a wealth of experience in engineering and logistics, particularly in plant and project management, project optimisation, scientific development trials, commercial and operational planning, and commercial strategy execution, among other things.

Such collaborations between BizTech and services like Sara Penrose Optimisation Training are vital to support the sustainable growth of businesses in the region. If you are looking for an optimisation training specialist in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors, look no further than Sara Penrose!