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Technology and innovation have become the driving forces for the sustainable success of modern businesses everywhere. They have not only made global markets easily accessible but have also modified business norms and made them more flexible and effective. Having recognised the potential and scope of technology for businesses way back in 2009, Biztech has remained at the forefront of technological innovation and education in the prospering Milton Keynes region for over a decade. Our industry-leading business technology forum and events have played an important role in highlighting the most important technology issues and solutions for small and large local businesses.

Our Vision

We understand the importance of providing vital business intelligence on emerging technological advances. Our vision is to become the region’s leading technology hub that drives funding for technology innovation, education, and business growth through collaboration and learning.

Our Mission

By providing an events network that enables valuable connections and creating specialist business groups for collaboration, we’ve become a key forum allowing easy funding and access to the best industry people and resources. Our mission is to drive growth, by attracting funding for innovation and collaboration.

Our Values

In seeking to be “The Voice of Technology in Milton Keynes and SEMLEP” Biztech adheres to its core values:
Innovation, Openness, Organisation, Honesty, Quality, Trust, Integrity, Friendliness, Foresight, Focussed, Accountability and Clarity.

How Does Biztech work?

Technology companies today face a number of challenges that affect their growth and success. We help members overcome these challenges:

  • Identify funding sources for innovation
  • Find skilled resource and knowledge

Biztech members get a chance to have a powerful impact on the business technology sector in the Milton Keynes and wider SEMLEP region and make the most of any associated investment. We can help your business by providing:

biztech business technology forum


To give you access to local innovation grants and funding programmes for your technology business ideas.


To help you connect to the right local academics and industry in your business area and involvement through panel discussions involving innovations and new technology.


To give you an opportunity to be at the centre of important events in your sector through meetups, workshops, collaborations, business growth and educational conferences as well as special events like our “Annual Dinner”, “Engineering your Future,” and award shows like “BrightSparc.”

Peer Groups

To create specialist groups around core business technology areas including B2B and tech B2B support.


The Biztech Business Technology Forum is constantly looking for ways to expand its network of members from trusted sources who can bring unparalleled expertise and have a positive influence on their respective spheres. There are several ways in which joining Biztech can have a positive impact on your business.

Access to Great Events

business technology forum events

As a member, you will get an opportunity to attend, present at, sponsor or be part of a panel at our market-leading seminars and events and have a say in any current or future issues relevant to the sector. Members-only benefits include:

  • Member discounts to industry events and conferences
  • Members get first opportunities to speak at events
  • Bespoke and partner presentations for your company

Excellent Funding Opportunities & Resources

business technology forum 1

We understand the importance of staying ahead of the game, especially in a fast-moving sector like technology. Hence, we provide exceptional support through our superlative directory and access to funding resources that can help educate you and your staff about the power of the business technology community in your region. We also provide sponsorship opportunities to members.

Networking Opportunities

Once you become a Biztech member, we will do the networking for you. Our membership directory collects and includes details of the most pioneering, high profile professionals working online, so you can connect with them. We also direct all outside enquiries about industry services to this directory to constantly grow our database.


Open Societal Challenge Competition

Open Societal Challenge Competition

Biztech are delighted to showcase an invitation from the Open University to take part in their Open Societal Challenge Competition The aim is to apply the OU’s research excellence to some of the most pressing societal challenges facing people across the UK and...

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BizTech BrightSparc & Digital Awards

  • The annual celebration of brilliant tech-based ideas and innovations.

  • Eleven digital and technology-based categories.

  • Welcomes eligible entries from all over Milton Keynes & SEMLEP regions.

  • Easy and free to enter.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

I came across the Biztech Forum about 18 months after starting my Engineering Consulting Company. I was still finding my feet and had been doing the rounds of various networking groups. From the first meeting I attended the Biztech Forum was different! Noteably, the meeting was about arranging Events for members to inform and educate them about business and technology topics, not businesses (mostly irrelevant to me) trying to sell to each other! 11 years on and I am a Director of the Forum and have found great value not only in the Events, but most particularly in being able to collaborate, associate and work with like minded peers and leaders be they with technical, entrepreneurial, education, business or any other background. 

Henry Kafeman

HDK Solutions

I joined Biztech because I saw an opportunity to help more Tech Business owners in the region. The Biztech Board is full of enthusiastic and very experienced tech leaders and their passion and vision to helping others was the main reason that I joined. My membership has helped me to expand my network and make quality connections within the tech sector. I look forward to supporting not only Biztech but also its members and stakeholders for many years to come.

Ian Luckett

Innovate to Success

FiguringOutData.com joined Biztech to discover more about and engage with the community of technology businesses within the Milton Keynes region.  We benefitted immediately from the events that Biztech presents that address a range of highly relevant subjects and that have helped us to feel very much at the centre of the local community of businesses.

It became apparent however that there was much more than Biztech could do to help the region’s technology businesses to thrive, for example by looking for ways to address the shortage of young people choosing a career as an engineer.  It was a great privilege therefore to be able to help establish the massively successful ‘Engineering your future’ Biztech event held annually for schools.

Paul Clarke and Sarah Clarke



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