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BizTech Engineering Your Future Event

Being the leading technology forum of Milton Keynes, Biztech is always looking for ways to inspire younger generations to develop and expand interest in the fields of engineering and technology. By organising awards and events that bring together the top names in tech and business sectors, Biztech aims to support and promote any exciting technological advancements happening in the region. One such event which is eagerly awaited by the tech community of Milton Keynes and SEMLEP is Biztech’s Engineering Your Future Event.

The event includes exhibitions, talks, and demonstration by exhibitors who have developed innovative technology and engineering solutions. Participants also get a chance to network with influential members of the tech community, including leaders of tech businesses that conduct extensive R & D in the field of engineering. Biztech also invites universities offering various engineering courses to provide guidance to students interested in the field on how to develop a career within the industry. At the same time, the event also allows tech enterprises to connect with budding engineers and students who can bring their skills and knowledge to their companies and can help quell the skills shortage in engineering in the future.

Over the years, Biztech’s Engineering Your Future event has been supported and sponsored by established companies like Routeco, Rockwell Automation and SMC, all of which have their UK head offices in Milton Keynes. Furthermore, it has included participation by renowned companies like ABB Robotics, Starship Technologies and McLaren Applied Technologies, to name a few. Students, professionals, and exhibitors from all over Milton Keynes are invited to participate and contribute to this exclusive Biztech event every year.