27 Sep

03.00am to 05.00am
e-Commerce in 3 Dimensions

Can 3D and virtual malls help your site sell more? Second Life avatars, virtual identities and images allow eCommerce site owners to give online shoppers the sense of actually being there, wander through a 3D electronic mall space, and see what's on display. Integrating social media along with a

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23 Sep

03.30pm to 05.30pm
NextGen event 30th May 2012

Biztech in association with MK Council are pleased to promote this special 1-day event in MK. Broadband technology options - fibre, mobile, wireless, satellite  Superfast - what does it mean?  Next Generation Broadband - vision and plans for Milton Keynes  Next Generation

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15 Aug

03.00am to 05.00am
Biztech Breakfast Seminar – 15th March 2012

Independent Living and Telehealth Cranfield IVHM Centre and Integrated Health Management   Telehealth technologies are enabling people with long-term health conditions to be monitored and managed in their own homes. Personal alarms and health monitoring products provide peace of mind and

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21 Jun

02.45am to 05.15am
Smart City – Milton Keynes

The June 21st event is a Biztech Breakfast Seminar event. 07:30-9:30 Novotel in Heelands 07:15-09:00 Title: Smart City (Milton Keynes)  The Smart City model encompasses a whole host of things including Smart Care, Smart Citizens, and Smart Government. Essentially it is about joining

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Great Events:

Ensure you are at the centre of important business technology issues arcoss the region. You can present at, sponsor or sit on a panel at one of our regular industry-leading business technology seminars, highlighting key issues faced by companies now and going forward.

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Excellent Resources:

Ensure stay ahead of the game by using the Bizech directory and resources to educate yourself and your staff about the strength of business technology providers in the region.


Let us do the networking for you. Our Membership Directory collects the details of the highest profile, pioneering professionals currently working in online, so yo don't have to. We also direct all outside enquiries about industry services to this directory.
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