The Milton Keynes tech and digital community have come together to offer local businesses a unique opportunity to get trained in several different digital skills through free workshops, as part of the SkillsHub:MK initiative. Along with subjects like digital marketing, social media, automation, and e-commerce, businesses also have a chance to understand essential subjects like data management, which is crucial to business success. The workshops on using data in business will be delivered by Paul Clarke, an experienced data strategist, analytics skills teacher, and business analytics developer from Milton Keynes. 

Paul is a director at, who specialises in helping businesses grow through the use of data and AI. He published widely on subjects related to the use of data and AI to transform business performance. Paul is playing a key role in initiatives focused on building data and AI skills amongst SMEs across the East-West corridor that links Oxford, Milton Keynes, and Cambridge. He splits his time between providing direct technical support to businesses, building innovative data and AI solutions, and delivering professional development programmes. These include seminars and training workshops in data visualisation, machine learning and advanced forecasting methods, delivered for the BPP University, city councils and growth hubs across the NE, Midlands, and SW England. He is also a member of the management board for the Biztech Technology Forum in Milton Keynes which supports technology businesses in the SEMLEP region.

As part of the SkillsHub:MK initiative, Paul Clarke will deliver three workshops on the topics below:

1) Getting Started Using Data In Your Business– A great entry-level workshop, it will introduce delegates to the idea of effectively using data in business. Paul will explain how businesses can use data to be faster and more efficient, spend less, get closer to the customer, discover new commercial opportunities. Register and find out more about this session.

2) Getting Data to Drive Strategy in an SME – This strategic-level workshop will be aimed at SME business managers and owners who want to understand how to use data to shape strategy, develop long term financial plans, manage performance, and develop budgets. Paul will explain why every business should have plans, budgets and performance measures, and the role that data and relevant skills play in bringing them together to make strategy happen. Register and find out more about this session.

3) Getting Smart With Data in Your Business – In this application-level workshop, delegates who may already have data foundations in place will get to go one step ahead and learn how to get the best outcomes with limited resources. Paul will give insights on how to use data to predict future events and get the best outcomes given constraints set by time and resource limitations. Register and find out more about this session.