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Moving around to find the best connection spot. Blurry images. Faces frozen on the screen. Blaming one another for the poor connection – “it’s not me, my screen looks fine, it must be yours”. These are all issues faced since video calling became a common, well-used form of communication for meetings, streaming, presenting, training and marketing with one another, especially over the last year. The solution? An excellent quality, reliable and high-performance Internet connection.

Here’s where we step in to help. Comms365 has been supplying a state-of-the-art service to its partners and customers for their Internet requirements at new sites and critical locations for more than 6 years. This service allows you to simply bring up an Internet connection with high performance wherever you need it. The name of this service? Continuum Bonded Internet Solution.

Our Continuum solution can be set up almost anywhere making collaboration possible everywhere – share documents, take video calls and encourage team working.  Our Continuum solution provides Internet connectivity with high performance and large bandwidth and it’s possible to become operational very quickly to experience more uptime. It supports live streaming, making it the perfect solution for live events, video collaboration, broadcasting and film productions. Our Continuum solution can be set up wherever you need it as it’s a portable unit.  It can be available at short notice for flexible periods of time, it’s quick to set up as well and it supports 20-50 users.

We help a variety of different sectors who require high quality, reliable Internet connection, with our Continuum Bonded Internet solution. See below:

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Absolute Live had to say when we helped them with their internet connection needs –

“Comms365 was the perfect solution for us. They delivered the Continuum cellular bonded system directly to the door with no hassle. It was easy to  set up and connect to our own equipment, and the Continuum produced  upload and download speeds well above the threshold of what our clients would need.”

You can read the full case study here.

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