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The CoVid-19 pandemic is proving to be extremely detrimental to the economy, having a pronounced impact on local businesses across towns and cities nationwide. Which is why, now more than ever, we need local communities to raise investment for crucial projects, especially those involving ideas and technologies that are futuristic and beneficial for the sustenance of the economy. The South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) and Milton Keynes collaboration has managed to secure £27.3 million funding from the government’s new £900 million Getting Building Fund to support the inception of local infrastructure projects that can provide education, create employment and elevate economic recovery from CoVid-19 in the region.

The MK: U Project

Milton Keynes is a flourishing town in Buckinghamshire which is home to many technology and business hubs that have been promoting the growth of the sector through productive collaborations. An example of such a partnership is the MK: U university project. Proposed as part of a collaboration between Milton Keynes Council and Cranfield University, The MK: U University will be a frontrunner in providing practical business-oriented and digital skill-based courses in the region. It will be based in the centre of the thriving Oxford-Cambridge arc and will focus on digital, technology and STEM skills, including AI, robotics and cybersecurity, all of which are immensely valuable for the education and upliftment of local businesses and start-ups.

The SEMLEP Investment

To further the cause, SEMLEP has awarded the Start-Up to Scale-Up Programme by MK: U a whopping £2,435,000 to support the creation of an innovative hub known as Smart City Living Lab (SCLL). This programme will offer educational and infrastructural support to start-ups, SME’s, and entrepreneurs, who will be able to access latest technologies, linking to Milton Keynes’ 5G project and connect with experts and investors from their spheres. The project, which will play a key role in helping young people develop their technology skills and address the innovation demands to uplift the local economy, is expected to go on the floors late this year and be completed by 2022.

The Biztech Hub

Local communities across the country need such investments to generate support for their businesses and help boost the economy of the nation as a whole. Moreover, businesses also need access to the right resources and directories through which to seek support from specialists of their respective areas. Biztech is an industry-leading forum which provides trusted information on technology businesses as well as funding options in Milton Keynes. We can help connect you with the right people and resources that can help take your business to the next level.