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The Biztech Team

Who we are

Our Biztech team represents years of experience working in both business and technology.

Fredi Nonyelu – Chair

Fredi is a serial technology entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in innovation strategy and leadership.  Founder and Chief Executive of Briteyellow, he has led multiple Innvovate UK funded Research, Design, and Development projects, collaborating with leading UK Universities and FTSE 100 companies. Prior to founding Briteyellow he headed European business for Silicon Valley technology startups, providing advanced software solutions to top tier telecom equipment and service providers.


Skills: Innovation Leadership, Innovation Strategy, Innovation Management, Technology Strategy.

Fredi Nonyelu

Paul Clarke

Paul is a Founder of FiguringOutData.com specialising in helping businesses to make greater use of technology and data to drive growth. Prior to this Paul spent two decades as a Strategy Consultant specialising in digital transformation, data analytics, and organisational change.  Paul is also a professional development educator and has trained management teams in the use of data for organisations ranging from the John Lewis Partnership and ITV to startups and small charities.


Skills: Data strategy development, business analytics solutions, training and education in data and technology for business growth.

Paul Clarke

Jane Horridge

Jane works with businesses on strategy and growth projects, combining this with executive coaching and mentoring. She has a background in senior leadership roles for major corporates and various non-profit organisations and is currently the Managing Director at Responsa Ltd as well as a Senior Partner at The Red Thread Partnership. Jane is is also a Regional Director for SportsAid and is closely involved with MK Business Leaders, as well as a mentor on the Governments Enterprise Nation ‘Help to Grow’ programme. She is Chair of Midsummer & Partners a group of Marketing businesses.


Skills: Management Consulting, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Not-for-Profit consulting, Business Consulting, Marketing Strategy, Customer Experience, Strategic Planning & Change Management.


Jane Horridge

Henry Kafeman

Henry is an Engineering Consultant and Technical Project Manager with expertise in Software, Systems and Industrial Automation. He has been running his own business for over 15 years and has over 40 years experience working in industries including: Renewable Energy, Newspaper & Commercial Offset Litho Printing and Pharmaceutical. His roles have involved Research, Development, Support, Performance/Data Analysis and Testing/Troubleshooting as well as the design, integration and interfacing for advanced electronics products.


Skills: Engineering Design, Project Management, IT Consulting, Software Development, Data Analysis & Visualisation, Researching complex technical subjects/issues. Strategic insight as well as tenacity and a fine eye for details and patterns.

Henry Kafeman

Alan Fletcher

Alan has a wealth of experience in supporting business in the region through government funded projects and as a mentor in business incubators. As Head of Research and Enterprise Support in the STEM faculty at the Open University he helps provide the connection and facilitate the collaboration between industry, education, public sector, local government, and citizen groups in the region. With a director level industry background and over 15 years in Higher Education research and enterprise Alan brings a breadth of knowledge to the Biztech environment.


Skills: Sales, Marketing, Project Management, IP, HR, Business Development, Strategy, Planning, Creative Problem Solving.


Alan Fletcher OU

Dr Haiming Liu

Haiming is an Associate Professor and Director of Centre for Machine Intelligence (CMI) at University of Southampton. She specialises in designing and developing user-centred multimedia and multimodal information access and retrieval technologies. She is also keen on exploring future direction of the user-centred information access and retrieval in the context of generative, ethical, and responsible AI and the development of the innovative interaction technologies with emerging hardware and software.

Haiming’s research outcomes have been applied to multidisciplinary domains, such as E-learning, E-commerce, E-Health, and E-government, etc. She is also active in knowledge exchange projects that aim to transfer her knowledge and expertise to improve the industrial productivity and solve business problems.


Haiming Liu