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Biztech’s Millbrook Event Fuels Discussion About the Future of Transport

10 September 2011

Local businesspeople were recently invited to the renowned Millbrook Vehicle Test and Development Facility for a guided tour and a presentation about the work carried out there, with particular key focus on Millbrook’s contribution to the Low Carbon (fuel consumption) agenda.
The event was one of a series, organised by Biztech, which focused on Low Carbon Transport strategies and gave attendees the opportunity to learn more about low emission vehicles – petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric and hydrogen – from cars to buses and delivery vehicles.

Millbrook is one of Europe’s leading locations for the development and demonstration of every type of land vehicle, from motorcycles and passenger cars to heavy commercial, military and off-road vehicles.
With the ever increasing focus upon the reduction of carbon fuel emissions, Millbrook is seeing an increasing number of low emission vehicles through its doors and visitors were given a fascinating insight into the rigorous testing such vehicles undergo to ensure they meet Worldwide Safety and Emissions Standards.
Neil Fulton, Head of Sales & Marketing, and Andrew Britton, Business Development Manager shared their extensive knowledge with the group, providing both technical and general facts about low emission vehicles and Millbrook’s work with them.
The assembled audience learnt that Millbrook’s testing can simulate the ten year life of a vehicle in just 10 weeks, and many different types of electric vehicle plus an increasing number of hydrogen fuelled vehicles have been tested at the site. Neil and Andrew also explained that manufacturers are now developing petrol and diesel vehicles with ‘separate’ electric power unit. Electric power can be used for local journeys and the conventional engine for driving longer distances.
The presentation and guided tour certainly gave attendees food for thought and prompted a variety of different questions. One delegate challenged Neil and Andrew, “Would you drive an electric vehicle?” Neil emphatically answered, “Yes, if it suited my commute to work and was financially viable. Many electric vehicles have fantastic driveability due to the continual acceleration that’s possible from the drivetrain.”
The group was also interested to know if Millbrook has any links to academic establishments, to which Andrew Britton replied, “Yes, we have very strong links with many universities, such as Cranfield, Loughborough and Imperial College. We take approximately ten undergraduates a year on placement and also take work experience students from local schools.

“The day was very thought-provoking day and everybody thoroughly enjoyed their time at the Millbrook Facility,” commented Fredi Nonyelu Chair of Biztech. “It exceeded expectations and was definitely a learning experience for all. I’m pleased that Biztech was able to facilitate the event and very grateful to both Neil and Andrew for giving their time. They provided real insight into the rigorous testing processes that will ensure low emission and future propulsion vehicles are safe for use on our roads, locally and nationally.”


10 September 2011