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Telehealth technologies are transforming health management

14 October 2012 @ 7:30 am - 9:00 am BST

Telehealth technologies are transforming health management, forum members told. State of the art telehealth technologies are transforming health management and promoting independent living, guests at a special breakfast seminar organised by Biztech technology forum in Milton Keynes were told.
The special breakfast event held at Novotel Hotel explored how current techniques for healthcare management are assisting patients with long term illness to lead high quality lives at home in Milton Keynes and the South East Midlands area.
Keynote speaker Jim Angus Commercial Director of Cranfield University Integrated Vehicle Health Management illustrated how technologies developed for managing complex systems such as aircraft and other vehicles can be applied effectively for healthcare management.
“Cranfield IVHM Centre’s multi-sector discipline transforms health management system data into information for operational/executive decisions. The human body is an integrated whole that has much in common with any advanced vehicle system. The key outcome when it comes to managing human health is to improve quality of life and the efficiency of healthcare delivery”, he said.

Mark Wathen, Inward Investment and Economy Manager at Aylesbury Vale District Council presented a Buckinghamshire case study on rehabilitation and telecare technologies, highlighting the opportunities for scalable markets and technology-enabled service innovation.

“The NHS has a target of £20bn efficiency savings in the period2011-2015 and 70% of NHS budget is spent on managing Long Term Conditions. There is now a move away from care in the hospital to care at home. The 2012 Paralympics has placed a global spotlight on Stoke Mandeville National Spinal Injury Centre and rehabilitation. With the vision for Assisted Living with empowered, knowledgeable patients being at the heart of the specialty of spinal cord medicine, together with regular sessions for patients, clinicians, carers and families it is an ideal environment for new technologies”, he said.
Professor Keith Straughan, Dean of University Centre Milton Keynes announced the launch of thed a “Smart City Institute” a new centre of excellence at UCMK. He outlined a vision for the Smart City model which encompasses a whole host of things including Smart Care, Smart Citizens, and Smart Government and illustrated how UCMK is developing the concept.
“The islands of knowledge and technology need to be joined up within and between cities and different technology fields such as energy, tele-health, etc. Applications need to be made appropriate for the users – Surgeons versus Physicians and Dementia sufferers; Technology familiar generations versus older generations, etc. MK scores highly on some counts but poorly on others! – e.g. Good for Professional Services but low for Technology, Patent output and Qualifications. Budgets and business models within the NHS and beyond need to be rethought in order to encompass Tele Health etc. In MK the linkage between Health and Social Services care budgets helps. Basically what is needed is straightforward technology appropriately packaged. Prevention is needed in teens, 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond, not just mitigation in later life! In MK (and beyond) what is required are future proofed houses with Technology built into new builds ready to suit the requirements of later life. Milton Keynes already has a technology show home where many of these technologies are being demonstrated and presents an opportunity to showcase the innovations that could take the city to a whole new level in terms of quality of life for its citizens What is required is the political will to implement as the Technology already exists!”
Fredi Nonyelu Chair of Biztech was excited by the quality of the debate and said “It was important to bring thought leaders together to discuss this topic which is of growing interest to all. What is becoming clear is the enormous potential across Milton Keynes and the South East Midlands for collaboration amongst business, education, public health, and government in order to harness innovation and increase the adoption of effective techologies that can reduce health management costs and improve quality of life.”
Biztech will be organising a follow up visit to Milton Keynes technology show home and Cranfield Integrated Vehicle Health Management centre.
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14 October 2012
7:30 am - 9:00 am BST


Hotel Novotel
Saxon Street, Heelands
Milton Keynes,MK13 7RAUnited Kingdom
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