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Tech Start-Up Business Growth Milton Keynes

Learn how Milton Keynes provides the ideal environment for business growth to tech start-ups. 



Milton Keynes is one of the last “new towns” in England, which was designed and built to provide an ideal environment for business growth. Perfectly placed in Buckinghamshire, at a commutable distance from London, Leicester, Cambridge, Birmingham, and Oxford, it provides great educational, professional, and business development opportunities to skilled people from all surrounding areas of economic importance. One sector which has thrived the most in this modern town is the tech sector. Tech start-ups, in particular, have benefitted from making Milton Keynes their base. Whether it is digital innovation, high-performance technology, financial technology, medical technology, robotics, AI, or IT, the tech community of Milton Keynes includes businesses that focus on some of the most advanced disciplines in science and tech.  

So how does Milton Keynes support tech business growth?



Availability of good infrastructure, great education, research and funding opportunities, access to a skilled workforce, and a supportive and progressive community are some of the most important requirements for any new tech business to grow and succeed. Milton Keynes is considered one of the best places to establish a tech business because it offers all of the above and more.

MK is home to excellent educational institutions, namely, the Open University, Cranfield University and Milton Keynes College. Along with specialist courses, these educational centres also offer apprenticeship and training opportunities in partnership with local enterprises like Rail Care, Red Bull Racing, and other establishments within the High-Performance Technology cluster. Although MK does not have its university yet, planning is well underway for the creation of a new model university, MK: U, which will aim to address the technological and digital skills gap in the region.

A tech business can only succeed and grow if it has the right workforce for executing and supporting its functions. That’s another area where Milton Keynes scores. It has a decent working-age population of around 62%, similar to the national average, and a majority of them hold a minimum NVQ Level 4 qualification or higher. Local businesses and those branching out from other places like London, Cambridge, and other nearby areas can easily find workers and professionals with a very specific set of skills and education that can help them grow their business. 

Another major reason tech start-ups are successfully able to establish themselves in Milton Keynes is the availability of several growth hubs and programmes dedicated to supporting promising new tech businesses. The NatWest Accelerator, Connected Places Catapult in connection with MK: 5G, the SEMLEP Growth Hub and Cranfield Eagle Lab in collaboration with Barclays, are some of the examples of programmes designed to empower new tech ventures. 


Being a leading technology and business forum of Milton Keynes, BizTech is well-placed to provide tech start-ups with the support and resources they need to thrive in this region. We offer excellent partnering opportunities, early access to important industry news and ventures, events presentation and networking opportunities and investment and sponsorship opportunities to help tech start-ups gain a firm foothold in the community. Whether you’re a start-up, an SME, or a well-established enterprise, we have membership levels to suit individual business growth needs. If you’re looking for guidance on how to grow your tech start-up in Milton Keynes, our team will be happy to guide and set you on the right path!



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Customer Testimonials

I came across the Biztech Forum about 18 months after starting my Engineering Consulting Company. I was still finding my feet and had been doing the rounds of various networking groups. From the first meeting I attended the Biztech Forum was different! Noteably, the meeting was about arranging Events for members to inform and educate them about business and technology topics, not businesses (mostly irrelevant to me) trying to sell to each other! 11 years on and I am a Director of the Forum and have found great value not only in the Events, but most particularly in being able to collaborate, associate and work with like minded peers and leaders be they with technical, entrepreneurial, education, business or any other background. 

Henry Kafeman

HDK Solutions

I joined Biztech because I saw an opportunity to help more Tech Business owners in the region. The Biztech Board is full of enthusiastic and very experienced tech leaders and their passion and vision to helping others was the main reason that I joined. My membership has helped me to expand my network and make quality connections within the tech sector. I look forward to supporting not only Biztech but also its members and stakeholders for many years to come.

Ian Luckett

Innovate to Success

We joined Biztech to discover more about and engage with the community of technology businesses within the Milton Keynes region.  We benefitted immediately from the events that Biztech presents that address a range of highly relevant subjects and that have helped us to feel very much at the centre of the local community of businesses.

It became apparent however that there was much more than Biztech could do to help the region’s technology businesses to thrive, for example by looking for ways to address the shortage of young people choosing a career as an engineer.  It was a great privilege therefore to be able to help establish the massively successful ‘Engineering your future’ Biztech event held annually for schools.

Paul Clarke and Sarah Clarke



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