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Fredi Nonyelu, Biztech Chair and Founder/CEO of Briteyellow was delighted to announce that their new Briteway app will be showcased at the DESIGN AGE INSTITUTE: PATHFINDER POP-UP on Thursday 15 February 2024 at Hangar Space, Royal College of Arts, Battersea.

The Pathfinder Pop-up is a showcase event for projects funded through the Pathfinder Innovation Programmes including Innovate UK Transport & Mobility projects and Design Age Institute x Zinc projects.

The event will enable visitors to interact with Pathfinder projects and prototypes and engage key stakeholders to support further development and investment.

Visitors will be able to explore and interact with Briteway along with other products, services and environments that have come through the 2023 Pathfinder Innovation Programme. From mobility scooters to navigation systems to apps that support improved health, wellbeing, and connection, discover the latest change-making projects, using investment in good design to support happier and healthier ageing.

Visitors will be invited to drop in and take part in a short interactive ’Wisdom Hour’ workshop, in which project leads will have a chance to share the wisdom developed through the programme, followed by a tour of the exhibits and a drinks reception.

Each project team will exhibit materials and information as part of a pop-up exhibit which will invite visitors to learn more about their project and play through a range of hands on and interactive materials that could include:

  • Working prototypes, mockups, models for visitors to engage with
  • Printed parts, materials and design elements
  • Interactive and digital demos
  • Sketches, renderings, design development imagery
  • Images, photos, flyers
  • User feedback

Timings for the event:

3:30pm         Pop-up opening, arrivals
4:00pm         The Wisdom Hour: Wise Innovation
5:00pm         Tour of projects
5:30pm         Drinks reception
7:00pm         Event close

Drinks, nibbles and refreshments will be provided.

Contact Briteyellow through www.briteyellow.com to request an invite to attend.