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The world of tech and digital is ever-expanding. Businesses need to adopt new strategies and jump on the latest tech bandwagon as swiftly as possible to consistently provide a good customer experience and stay ahead of the competition. As the leading tech forum of Milton Keynes, Biztech understands the importance of following the best tech and digital practices for local businesses. It is why we work with local businesses to provide one-to-one support and help them build a route map to the best tech and digital marketing practices.

Importance of Digital Marketing & Tech Development

SEO and digital marketing are essential in helping businesses get more traffic and customers to their websites. They also help establish a business as an authority in their niche, reach more potential customers, improve ROI, and ultimately convert more leads into customers. 

However, this is easier said than done.

The majority of small businesses do not have the necessary knowledge, tools, and people to develop and execute an effective SEO and content marketing strategy. Due to a lack of knowledge about where to start, the majority of SMEs without a dedicated marketing team, shoot arrows in the dark when it comes to digital marketing. This often does not give them the desired results and ROI. 

This is where Biztech aims to make a difference. 

Our team of digital strategists and tech experts regularly organise networking events and one-to-one workshops to help local businesses develop a digital strategy that works for them. The workshops are tailored as per individual business requirements so each of them can take actionable steps after and make digital marketing work for them.

Case Study – SEO Workshop for Total IT

Total IT is an MK-based IT company that provides a wide range of IT services to businesses all over the UK, including Cloud solutions, cybersecurity, internet connectivity, CCTV, and more. Biztech recently conducted a one-to-one onsite workshop for Total IT on SEO best practices and how they can make the most of Biztech’s resources and expertise in the field. We covered everything from developing an enticing and fully functional website to creating a great content marketing strategy that was in line with the brand and its vision.

Here’s what Rebecca Boff, their Marketing Coordinator had to say about the workshop – 

“Ronnie came to our site to help with our SEO and content marketing strategy. The session was 2 hours, and Ronnie couldn’t have been more helpful! He got to know our brand and story to tailor his knowledge and advice to fit our needs. Everything he spoke about was easy to understand and brought to life with his amazing previous work. I hope to work closely in the future! Amazing service, thank you!”

If you are a business owner in MK or the SEMPLEP region struggling to make a successful entry into the world of digital marketing, we would love to help!

Call us on 0845 557 7363 or email us at info@biztech.org.uk to find out how we can help you.