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After the success of our Tech Talks last year, Biztech is delighted to continue the series and bring you the first talk of 2023, on ‘Using Technology To Find The Best Way Forward.’ The event is FREE for everyone and will include food and drinks. The Biztech Tech Talks are great opportunities for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, professionals, and students to hear leading business community members speak about using technology to solve problems and grow their enterprises. They are also great events to attend if you wish to learn about new ideas, trends, and developments that cutting-edge businesses are putting to work.

Using Tech To Find The Best Way Forward – From Drones To Wayfinding

Are you curious to know how drones and wayfinding apps are changing the way we travel and navigate? Our latest Tech Talk will give you all the insights into how technology is impacting and improving these areas. This is your chance to listen and learn from two innovative and successful entrepreneurs leading the way in their respective business areas. You will get the inside scoop on how each of them has developed pioneering products that are helping communities and organisations better and safely serve their customers, and make a powerful impact on them.

1) Robin Gojon (CTO, Herotech8)

Our first speaker is Robin Gojon, the Chief Technology Officer at Herotech8. He is responsible for delivering on the company’s technological needs and research and development (R&D). Robin focuses on developing policies and procedures and using technology to enhance products and services that focus on the customers’ external needs.

About Herotech8

Herotech8 is a drone-in-a-box technology company that delivers an innovative tech solution to support round-the-clock automated drone operations. Their pathbreaking solution gives various industries the freedom and convenience to automatically deploy, recover and recharge drones without requiring human interaction to fly. It allows mass adoption, and access to aerial inspection and monitoring, without requiring any pilots or personnel on site.

The systems provide immediate live feed data at the touch of a button and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Remote access drone operations are completed through cloud services and secure servers with the help of IoT technologies.

Herotech8 has offices in the UK, France and the US, and their drones are used across the globe by Border Control agencies, Airport Security, Construction, Police and Emergency Service teams, as well as by Milton Keynes Hospital in a groundbreaking trial over two days transporting medical supplies across the city.

2) Fredi Nonyelu (CEO & Founder, Briteyellow)

Our second speaker is Fredi Nonyelu, the CEO and founder of Briteyellow. Fredi and his team develop wayfinding applications and sensors that provide real-time location data to travellers and customers at airports and transit places, shopping centres and railway stations. He helps businesses better understand how to engage with customers and deliver excellent customer service through unique wayfinding solutions that make the world more accessible and safe for all.

About Briteyellow

Briteyellow was established by Fredi way back in 2003 to provide interactive and wireless communications to people and businesses. Since 2018, the company has been developing new ultra-precision sensors for augmented and virtual reality (x-reality) applications that solve the challenges of end-to-end mobility and improve accessibility.

Their goal is to develop innovative hardware and software, provide advanced indoor location coordinates and services, and ultimately become a leader in the global indoor location services industry.

The Biztech Tech Talks are FREE to register and open to all. Attendees will also get a chance to network with other entrepreneurs and business community members before the speaker event.

You can enquire about the event by emailing Biztech’s Sandra Overbury at [email protected], or simply register your place here.