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I have been a Biztech member for a few years now and it has been my gateway to everything technological. When Milton Keynes was designated a Smart City, I knew there would be a new era of focus on the use of technology in the region and I was excited to find an organisation that was going to be at the forefront of those initiatives.

I joined to build new relationships and the rewards from these have varied from new business partnerships to long term friendships. I have also seen evidence of how these relationships form the building blocks for improvement and innovation both to Biztech services and wider opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Simply by exploring the types of companies operating in the local area opened my mind to the opportunities that were being created.

The United States is a huge market and businesses in Milton Keynes are making headway to success over there. I’ have also seen first-hand how other businesses use technology innovation in their logistics and manufacturing operations to maximise productivity.

It is no doubt that a common denominator amongst the membership is a passion for innovation and an unrivalled intent to support the growth of the technology sector in the region.

An important lesson for my own personal development is that getting involved in a credible organisation like Biztech gives you that added impetus and desire to make things happen.

It has helped me understand the progression and opportunities that businesses in the Milton Keynes area are delivering and how these contribute to the global economy.

With leading representatives from academia and commercial enterprises, Biztech has gained significant respect in the SEMLEP Region, which increases each year. The newest opportunity presented to Milton Keynes is the ne university which could become a hotbed for a new generation of tech focussed engineers equipped to work in a fast growing UK sector.

I will continue to be a Biztech member so I can keep in touch with some valued friends and of course continue to keep ahead of constantly evolving technology.

You can learn how to become a BizTech member here.