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The Milton Keynes business community can expect to make a great start to the new year! Biztech is collaborating with MK College to address the digital skills gap in MK businesses through a unique nationwide initiative called SkillsHub:MK. The campaign, which will run till the end of March, has been launched to enhance collaborations and partnerships between employers, businesses and training and education providers to help shape future digital and technical skills. Biztech will play a crucial role in educating businesses about digital technology and how they can identify and address the skills gap in their organisation, through various events and subsequent training courses. 

Ensuring an Informed Digital Future

Digital transformation has swept across all industries, leading businesses to look for digitally skilled employees or train existing ones as swiftly as possible. However, it is easier said than done. The digital needs of every business are as varied as the challenges it faces. The first step for any business looking to venture into the digital world is to identify the skills required. Then the next, most crucial step towards successful digital transformation is providing relevant training opportunities to the workforce to bridge this digital technology skills gap. 

As this region’s leading tech forum, we understand and recognise the impact of the digital skills gap on businesses increasingly needing to rely on digital technology to progress. Which is why, we urge businesses to immediately register their interest and participate in this unique initiative that will greatly benefit your business. By organising events in collaboration with the top entrepreneurs and education providers, Biztech hopes to help local businesses identify and understand their digital skill requirements.

We also wish to encourage businesses to share their training requirements, so we can work with MK College and other members in designing the most relevant training courses that will be delivered FREE OF COST to your business. Local enterprises that are new to the digital world will greatly benefit from these events, as they will provide answers to common and pressing issues like:

  • How to discover digital technology that can make a difference?
  • How to recognise digital technology that can enhance working practices?
  • How to determine the scale of investment needed to put digital technology to work?

Navigating the Digital Economy

It is vital for all modern businesses to recognise the latest digital and technology trends, understand where they are headed and equip the workforce with relevant digital skills for the future. Our ‘Navigating the Digital Economy’ events are designed to help businesses gain valuable insights into these issues. The three events based on this common theme will be delivered from an educator’s, entrepreneur’s, and an adviser’s point of view to help businesses understand the journey of digital transformation from all perspectives. 

By getting educational institutions like the Open University, as well as industry-leading entrepreneurs and business advisers, to deliver these sessions, Biztech aims to provide relevant guidance and training to local businesses in Milton Keynes and help them bridge the digital skills gap. We also wish to improve the career prospects for local people and support Milton Keynes employers in finding the talent they need.

You can find out more about these events and register your interest here.