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The digital skills gap is a serious risk to businesses. Companies that do not invest in developing a digitally competent team in-house risk slowing down growth and progress and ultimately losing any competitive edge that may have helped them stand out. Fortunately, there are several tech forums and educational institutes that recognise this problem and are working towards developing training and learning opportunities to help businesses bridge the digital skills gap. Biztech and SkillsHub:MK are two such examples that have recently come up with dedicated events and workshops to support local businesses in Milton Keynes as they try to navigate the tricky digital landscape.

How Can A Digital Skills Gap Harm a Business

To understand why Biztech and SkillsHub:MK have ventured down this road to organise such high-value training programmes, we first need to understand why bridging the digital skills gap is critical for businesses. The first and perhaps the biggest risk factor is a financial drain. Businesses that do not train their employees in digital skills and outsource their digital requirements, end up spending more than companies with a competent in-house team. 

Another vital business area affected by a digital skills gap is customer experience. As more and more companies embrace digital transformation, customers are likely to switch preferences if your business does not deliver better services. Training employees in relevant digital skills is essential to offer a high-quality customer experience. Moreover, investing in digital education and training of employees can lead to better productivity, employee retention and performance, and more profits in the long run. 

Biztech Events

Successful digital transformation involves identifying digital trends, implementing them correctly, and analysing the outcome. The Biztech events have been designed to address all three of these steps, so businesses have a clear understanding of the world of digital. 

Scanning the Digital Horizon – The Educators View

The first event in the series will have the Open University discuss how it figures out the direction of each new digital trend and gets it right. Representatives will also shed light on the process of identifying the technology trends and developments that are important for businesses and how they can go about it. You can register for FREE for this event, which will be organised online on Thursday, the 3rd of March 2022 at 17:00. 

Navigating Digital Trends & Developments – The Entrepreneurs View 

The next event in the series will focus on how entrepreneurs use digital technology to add value to the business, improve working practices, and turn their insights into tools and applications that free up time, reduce costs, and extend the reach of the business into new markets. Participants will also get a chance to hear about the future trends and developments that they should look out for. You can register for FREE for the event, which will take place at Bouverie House, Milton Keynes, on Thursday the 31st of March 2022 at 17:00. 

Putting Digital Technology To Work – The Advisor’s View 

In the final event, you will have a chance to hear from business advisors, consultants, or accountants, as they reveal how they identify opportunities to make better use of technology and examine new ideas and possibilities for their likely impact on the business. They will also discuss how they make the case for a business to adopt digital technology, including the information they collect, their assessment of the investment required, and the costs and benefits involved. You can register for FREE for the event, which will take place at Bouverie House, Milton Keynes, on Thursday the 21st of April 2022 at 17:00.

Digital Skills Training Workshops by SkillsHub:MK

The primary aim of the SkillsHUb:MK initiative is to provide a FREE training opportunity to local businesses in Milton Keynes and help them empower their workforce with the most essential digital skills in the market. The Digital Skills courses are specialised training workshops designed to help your employees learn new digital skills and help your business understand how to use data and develop a digital strategy for the future. Starting from 25th February 2022, the courses will cover topics like digital marketing, E-Commerce, content marketing, social media, automation, Cloud, data management, and more. You can register your place for a course of your choice here