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When we started Figuringoutdata.com we knew that location would be everything.  We do what the name suggests – help businesses to ‘figure out’ how to make the best use of data.  We, therefore, needed to be in a business community within which data would play a central role.

Milton Keynes was the ideal choice.

A quick glance at the MK Council ‘Invest Milton Keynes’ website (www.investmiltonkeynes.co.uk) reveals the list of industrial and technological sectors represented within the City region.  Not only is it comprehensive but it is peppered with references to high performance, innovation and cutting edge.

Technology and data go together.

Whatever the role that technology plays, data will indicate whether it is doing the right thing.  We, therefore, built a platform ready-made to extract data from systems and turn it into insight and intelligence.

We also developed a programme that helps businesses to develop what we call ‘data confidence’.  This means having data that you can trust and people with the tools, skills and ability to put it to work.

Milton Keynes could not be a better place for a programme such as this.

The City has a community of engineering and technical workers who need to keep ahead of the insatiable demand for information that advanced technology typically creates.

It has a world-class set of Universities, Technology Institutes and Colleges that ensure that people within the community are well trained and well equipped with the skills required.

And it has a myriad of new and established businesses searching for their competitive edge and determined to use data to drive the choices and decisions they make.

For example, recent reports cite that e-commerce and online businesses, already boosted by the Covid lockdown period, are set to escalate in number.  A great many of those new businesses will be located within the East Midlands region.

The city is already a Transport and Logistics hub.  Companies that shift goods for online businesses will want to be ready for this growth, and they will know the City to be an ideal base for their operations. 

They will therefore look to the technology businesses in the region to help them to operate in ways that are efficient, capable of expansion – and environmentally sound.   

It’s a great place to be, and the future’s looking good.

Paul Clarke




Member of the Biztech Management Board