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SkillsHub:MK is off to a great start, thanks to the efforts and involvement of some of the best tech and digital players in Milton Keynes. The aim of providing free workshops to local businesses who wish to reskill or train in the latest digital technology skills is to help them grow and support the wider business community in the region. Since great content and digital marketing strategies are the pillars of successful digital transformation in any business, the initiative will offer four different courses on the subjects, delivered by MK:U Innovation Hub Manager, Kristian Mackie. 

Kristian has spent the majority of the last 10 years working in higher education looking into developing innovative mindsets within entrepreneurs. Thanks to his background in creative industries, he can combine creative practice and technological innovation and support businesses that are looking to grow. Kristian has presented at entrepreneurship conferences across Europe and has organised several workshops in innovative practices across the world.

He will deliver four workshops as part of the SkillsHub:MK initiative, namely:

1) Creating Successful Digital Marketing ContentThis is an application-level workshop that will focus on creating content for a digital marketing strategy that works across social media platforms and within an email campaign. Digital marketers will have the chance to explore customer identity and learn how to develop content that relates to the choices and preferences of your ideal customer personas, from Kristian. Register and learn more about this session.

2) Introduction to E-Commerce and Getting StartedAn introductory-level course, this workshop will cover the basics of getting started with e-commerce, finding the right niche for your business, and identifying your target customer. Business owners, managers or entrepreneurs who wish to move their business online will get a chance to learn how to choose the right platform, develop the ideal shop window, and develop their site to deliver the right customer experience. Register and learn more about this session.

3) Introduction to Digital Marketing for SMEsIn this introductory-level workshop, Kristian will explore the benefits and drawbacks of different digital marketing approaches, the relevance to your business of each of the major social media platforms, the role played by your website, and the fundamentals of email marketing. It is the perfect opportunity for SME business owners and managers to discover what digital marketing involves and how it can benefit their business. This workshop is also suitable for anyone thinking of getting involved in digital marketing and wanting to find out what it’s all about. Register and learn more about this session.

4) Developing a Digital Strategy in an SMEThis is a strategic-level workshop in which, Kristian will explore the reasons why organisations want to innovate with digital tools and applications, and how the right choice of technology can accelerate the delivery of strategy and identify fresh opportunities not previously sought. It is an ideal course for SME Business owners and managers who want to introduce digital technology into their business and need to know how to develop a strategy and a plan that will guide them through the process. Register and learn more about this session.