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SkillsHub:MK is a unique initiative that is working towards making digital training free and easily accessible for all businesses in Milton Keynes. It involves short, educational workshops by some of the leading digital and tech players in MK who have been part of the digital sphere since their early days. Ronnie Findlay is one such experienced and results-driven digital and social media marketing strategist from Milton Keynes who will be delivering three exciting workshops on social media, search engine marketing, and digital marketing.

Having helped deliver impressive ROI through effective social and digital strategies for small and big companies like Mercedes-Benz, Timberland, and Barracuda, Ronnie has an in-depth understanding of how to ensure business growth through effective digital and social media marketing. He is a passionate storyteller who believes businesses can gain a lot from impactful storytelling on social media and websites. Ronnie also believes modern search engine tools like Google Analytics, WordPress, e-commerce platforms, and Google Ads play a crucial role in helping businesses navigate the digital sphere and make a positive impact.

Through these workshops, he will cover the basics and applications of the three topics as follows:

1) Getting the Greatest Value From Social Media – In this application-level workshop, digital marketers, business owners and managers will get to learn how to get the greatest value from major social media platforms for their businesses like LinkedIn and Twitter, explore the similarities and differences between Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and create a strategy for business development for all three. You can register and find out more about this session here.

2) Using Google To Grow Your Business – This is for digital marketers, business owners and managers who want to understand the role of vital Google tools and services within strategy and digital marketing. You will get to understand everything about using Google services to research the market for new product and service ideas, advertising through Google, and using Google Analytics to monitor and improve sales and marketing performance across websites, e-commerce platforms, and social media platforms. You can register and find out more about this session here.

3) How to Set Up Your Website for Digital Marketing – This workshop is for anyone who wishes to learn how to build, maintain, and administer a website for use with digital marketing. It will cover everything from domain acquisition and purchase and choosing a hosting service provider with WordPress as the hosting application to exploring the link between your website and search engines and the services offered by Google through its search console and analytics platforms. You will also get to learn how you can make your website secure and the different levels of website security accreditation that customers will expect. You can register and find out more about this session here.