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Conveniently located in the heart of Buckinghamshire, only about 50 miles from London, Milton Keynes is one of the most prosperous “new towns” of England which has a lot to offer to its residents, entrepreneurs, and the wider community. It is often considered the best choice for tech startups outside London, thanks to the kind of support and infrastructure it can provide, and at more affordable rates as compared to the capital. This is especially true in the case of tech startups that find Milton Keynes and the surrounding region to be the perfect places to access the right people and resources for their specialised business needs. This is also why, it is home to offices of some of the biggest tech giants of the world such as Xero, GE, HP, Apple, Cisco, Red Bull Racing, Tech Mahindra, Microsoft, and Oracle, to name a few, and is an integral part of the country’s world-leading High-Performance Technologies (HPT) industry cluster.  So why is Milton Keynes a hot spot for tech companies and startups? Here are the top 5 reasons:

Access to Business Support

Thanks to the thriving environment created by the presence of various financial, digital and technology companies, Milton Keynes has several business support hubs that are dedicated to providing educational, networking and funding support to new businesses. Some examples include SEMLEP, Invest Milton Keynes, NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator, Destination Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Businesses, Milton Keynes Business Leaders Partnerships and more.

Educational Institutions

Even in the absence of a homegrown university, Milton Keynes has still encouraged the formation of highly specialised educational institutions, specially focusing on digital technology. The Milton Keynes College in collaboration with Cranfield University, Microsoft, KPMG, and others, offers a range of digital, technology and IT related higher education courses and apprenticeships that can help train technology enthusiasts and further develop their skills. This can not only help startups find the right talent for their businesses, but also train any existing staff in a given specialisation.

Affordable Infrastructure

Start-ups cannot always afford expensive commercial units for their offices. This is why a town like Milton Keynes, which offers bigger and more affordable infrastructure as compared to other business and technology hubs, is perfectly suited for tech startups that need a commercial unit in a business-friendly location.

Access to Skilled Workers

Being one of the fastest developing regions of the country, Milton Keynes attracts highly skilled workers from all areas. Tech startups mostly need highly qualified engineers and professionals who can bring a certain level of expertise to the enterprise. Milton Keynes is one of the best places to find an advanced workforce that can drive a tech start-up in the right direction.

Great Connections

Transport links are a vital consideration for any startup because of their importance in reducing travelling time when going to other important cities for business. Thanks to great connections to some of the top cities in the country including London, Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham, Milton Keynes is an ideal town to base a tech startup.

All tech start-ups need the right environment, people, and support to establish themselves in a particular region. Milton Keynes is the perfect place for a startup because it not only fulfils all the requirements but is also a lively, futuristic place to live or work in. It is not surprising why Milton Keynes is considered one of the fastest-growing, most business and technology-friendly towns in the country.