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Digital transformation is occurring all around us. From small businesses to multi-national companies, everyone is in a race to adopt the latest digital technology trends and stand out from the competition. The role of Biztech as a leading tech forum of Milton Keynes is to help local businesses make the most of the digital technology available to them and achieve all their business goals swiftly and efficiently. As a result, we have teamed up with MK College and SkillsHub:MK, to bring exclusive events that focus on addressing the digital skills gap and digital transformation in the local business community.

Implementation of new digital technology is not easy to manage and requires several drastic changes in the way the business operates. Lack of strategic direction, slow integration, lack of focus, non-compliance with regulations, and ineffective risk management are some of the difficulties faced by businesses when trying to implement new digital trends. Organisations must examine all possible opportunities and their outcomes to ensure a smooth and successful digital transformation. 

For small and medium-sized businesses, examining all the possibilities and implementing relevant changes, accordingly, is critical to efficient time, budget, and resource management. The only way businesses can effectively put digital technology to work and gain maximum benefits from it, is to understand the implementation process and outcomes, from businesses that have successfully embraced digital transformation.

The Biztech SkillsHub:MK Collaboration

The main aim of our collaboration with SkillsHub:MK is to help businesses in Milton Keynes bridge the digital skills gap and make their organisations ready for a digital future. We hope to help entrepreneurs and professionals understand digital technology better through our FREE events, organised as part of this initiative. These events have also helped us bring together some of the best educational institutions, businesses, consultants, and industry leaders from Milton Keynes to spread awareness and share information about the latest digital technology trends. 

Putting Digital Technology To Work

The third and final event in our series will be held at Milton Keynes Development Partnership LLP (Bouverie House, MK9 1LT) on the 21st of April 2022 at 17:00 and will include talks and sessions with business advisors who have played a key role in helping businesses take advantage of digital technology. They are experts in spotting opportunities to make better use of technology and in examining new ideas and possibilities for their likely impact upon the business such as the scale of any change management task, the size of the investment in time and money involved, and the realistic timing and level of benefits. 

It’s a great chance for businesses to understand how top advisors make the case for a business to adopt digital technology. You will also get to discover how you can use this digital technology in everyday operations. Register your place for FREE and get valuable insights on all aspects of the complete digital transformation journey.