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For an economy to become digitally competent, businesses must lead the charge in adopting new digital technology trends as early as possible. And Biztech is committed to helping local Milton Keynes businesses adopt new digital trends, grow, and make a valuable contribution to the economy. However, digital transformation is not without its challenges. Our second event organised as part of the collaboration with MK College and SkillsHub:MK, will focus on these challenges and help businesses in navigating the latest digital trends and developments successfully.

Digital transformation impacts several areas within an enterprise. But some key areas have the most to gain with a successful digital transformation. First and most importantly, digital technology can improve customer experience and conversions. Since customers are critical to the success of a business, the implementation of digital technology to improve customer experience can have a positive impact on the business and its profits. Another vital area that can be improved with the clever integration of digital technology is internal processes. Everything from data collection to manual operations can be enhanced and improved with automation and digitisation.

There is little doubt that entrepreneurs can add great value to their business by implementing digital tools and technology. They can improve working practices and turn their insights into tools and applications that free up time, reduce costs, and extend the reach of the business into new markets. 

But the question is, how do businesses embrace digital transformation successfully? 

And what is their approach to identifying the digital trends that are right for their business?

The Biztech SkillsHub:MK Collaboration

The focus of our collaboration with SkillsHub:MK is to shed light on the common challenges faced by organisations in Milton Keynes while adopting new digital trends and helping them address those issues with relevant solutions. Our FREE events are designed for professionals and entrepreneurs who are struggling to navigate the digital economy and want to understand what it takes to become digitally competent as an organisation. 

Navigating Digital Trends & Developments

The second event in our series will be held at Milton Keynes Development Partnership LLP (Bouverie House, MK9 1LT) on the 31st of March 2022 at 17:00 and will include talks and sessions with various entrepreneurs who will discuss how they navigated the challenging digital trends and achieved business growth. Businesses can participate and learn of all the ways they can improve their working practices, productivity, and reach, with the help of digital technology.

They will get a chance to discover how businesses examine digital technology trends and developments to identify opportunities to transform business operations, and also hear about the trends that they should look out for in the future. This event will be a follow up to the first online event on ‘Scanning the Digital Horizon,’ and help businesses better understand the world of digital. Reserve your place for FREE and set your enterprise on the right path to successful and profitable digital transformation.